【Expire date 12/1/2024】Wakame Seaweed Soup × 10P
【Expire date 12/1/2024】Wakame Seaweed Soup × 10P
【Expire date 12/1/2024】Wakame Seaweed Soup × 10P
【Expire date 12/1/2024】Wakame Seaweed Soup × 10P

【Expire date 12/1/2024】Wakame Seaweed Soup × 10P


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A wakame seaweed soup full of ingredients that spreads the aroma of the sea The wakame seaweed that grows strongly in the rough waves of the Naruto Straits is used in abundance, so the aroma of the sea spreads from the first mouthful. This wakame seaweed soup is full of ingredients that give you a pleasantly firm texture and elasticity the moment you bite into it. The addition of oyster extract gives it a delicious and rich flavor.

  • Be amazed at the volume and texture of wakame seaweed.
  • It can also be used for noodle soup.
  • The wakame are carefully spread out and sorted one by one, and then lovingly made into soup.
    content  6.4g
    Manufacture name Cosmos Food
    Storage temperature Room temperature
    Ingredients Starch degradation products, starch, soy sauce, salt, scallop extract, yeast extract, sugar, oyster extract, fermented vegetable powder, spices, ingredients (wakame seaweed (from Naruto), white onion, sesame) / antioxidant (V.E.), (contains wheat, sesame, soybeans, fish sauce (seafood))
    Nutritional facts label Calorific value/21(Kcal) Protein/0.5(g) Fat/0.3(g) Carbohydrate/4.0(g) Sodium/517(mg) Salt equivalent/1.3(g)
    Allergenic substances (Japan standard reference information) Wheat / Soy beans / Sesame

    磯の香りが広がる具材たっぷりのわかめスープ 鳴門海峡の荒波の中で力強く育ったわかめをたっぷりと使用しているため、一口目から磯の香りが広がり、 噛んだ瞬間のぷりぷり食感と、心地よい弾力が感じられる具材たっぷりのわかめスープです。 オイスターエキスを加えることで旨みとコクのある味に仕上げました。

    • わかめのボリュームと食感に驚いてください。
    • 麺類のスープにも利用できます。
    • わかめは、丁寧に1枚ずつ広げて選別し、愛情込めてスープにします。

      内容量  6.4g







      熱量/21(Kcal) たんぱく質/0.5(g) 脂質/0.3(g) 炭水化物/4.0(g) ナトリウム/517(mg) 食塩相当量/1.3(g)



      小麦 / 大豆 / ごま

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