AGED SALTED RICE BRAN TUBE / ラップで簡単ぬかチューブ 170G

AGED SALTED RICE BRAN TUBE / ラップで簡単ぬかチューブ 170G


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Fermented rice bran has been attracting attention not only for its health benefits, but also as a food that is excellent for beautiful skin and diet. “Nuka(rice bran), a representative of fermented foods, is now available in a tube form that is easy to use for people of all ages. Since it has already been matured and fermented for a long time with vegetable lactic acid bacteria, it can be used immediately. Also, since it can be wrapped and pickled in the refrigerator only in the required amount, there is no need for troublesome management of the bran bed. It is also hygienic because it can be used separately for pickling meat and fish with plastic wrap. Compact size that does not take up much space in the refrigerator.


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